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IMASD memberships are the creation of the companies that sell them.  This form is for informational purposes only. The IMASD and the IMC have no financial interest in such transactions.

Fill out and submit this form to apply to the Internet Marketing Association of Surplus Dealers. If you are interested in purchasing a BICS parcel, but not for IMASD Membership, simply write"NOT IMASD" in the Question or Comments field.  You'll then be contacted and directed to the appropriate party.

JOINING OPTIONS: Note that this application is only a referral. IMASD does not sell memberships, BICS parcels, or any other avenue of becoming a member of the network, nor does IMASD participate financially in any of these business activities. All purchases, fees, or other costs are negotiated directly between you and the seller and/or the provider of the service you receive. The choices and prices listed below are offered by individual IMASD member companies willing to sell and/or provide entry into the IMASD network. Memberships (which in the cases below are more accurately named "BICS parcels") are currently offered for $3,000.00, and all fees are in US Dollars.

Right now, there are 5 different ways to get started. Choose the one that is right for you.

CHOICE NUMBER 1) You already own the Membership and want to activate it. You have already purchased a Membership from a Member on your own. �Fill out this application and tell us the Member's name and BICs Parcel# you purchased in the "Questions or other comments" field. �You will only be billed for activation and monthly dues (see "other fees" below). Note: You will be asked to provide a bill of sale proving your purchase of your BICS Parcel (membership). You will only be billed for activation and monthly dues (see "other fees" below).

CHOICE NUMBER 2) IMASD Admin. will refer you to a member to purchase from. Pay in full and become a Member immediately. Your information will be forwarded to a member willing to sell for $3,000.

CHOICE NUMBER 3) Lease to Own Option (Terms may vary depending on who you lease from). A monthly pay Lease to Own Option is offered through one of the Members. You will be charged $200 per month for 15 months (plus dues). �Full Membership is granted only at the end of your successful completion of this 15 month payment plan, however, you have the right to cancel at any time with no questions asked.

CHOICE NUMBER 4) Three Month Trial and Option to Purchase. We will refer you to an IMASD Member that has a Membership that he/she will offer on a three month trial basis. �For $100 this member will let you try IMASD using this Membership. (Please note: A $100 one time set up fee and $35.00 mo. dues for each month on the trial will also apply). If you like it, then you can buy it at the agreed price (This adds up to $305.00 for the entire 3 mos.) We will forward your application to the member and he/she will take care of the rest.

CHOICE NUMBER 5) Monthly Rental: We currently have several Members willing to rent. The monthly rental is $85. (includes dues)

Other Fees: Monthly dues (while connected to the network) are $35 auto-deducted monthly. Activation fee is a one time setup charge of $100.