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When considering a purchase, know that your recourse is limited to the vendor from whom you purchase, because IMASD is not an entity in itself. IMASD is a moniker standing for a network of inter-linking web sites. This means that by definition, it is impossible for IMASD to endorse the credibility of any vendor or transaction.

No one pays IMASD for advertising. Any money paid for services, products, advertising, or connectivity, represent transactions between the relevant parties, not IMASD. Even joining the IMASD network, often referred to as "membership", does not constitute a transaction between IMASD and the "member". The IMASD governing body relates to network connectivity, and therefore has no knowledge of, nor control over what others are putting on their web sites. is only a domain name and is not IMASD. The owner of in no way endorses any of those who are connected to the IMASD network. Various IMASD members have chosen to replace the original "IMASD Member" logo, with one reading " Member" for their own marketing purposes, and itself offers no memberships. This web site,, offers nothing for sale, but acts only as an explanation as to how one gets connected to the IMASD network. links to vendors and/or their offers represent a link exchange, which constitutes the entire relationship between this site and the many IMASD Members.

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